Brief History of BWA:

In 1992 there was a natural disaster (flood) that hit Bangladesh and a few Bengali brothers, who lived in Camberley and the surrounding area, came together to help those flood victims. Since then, they realised that they should continue to support the community back home and thus came about the existence of the Bengali Welfare Association. The association was registered by the Charity Commission on 11th April 1996.

It initially began in a local restaurant and gradually became the high profile charity organisation that it is recognised as today. The organisation serves not only the local community, but also the international community.

We also appreciate our donors as we firmly believe donors are the back bone of the charity.

Mr.Al Kharafi, an international businessman and a renowned political face in Kuwait, is the main patron of our organisation thus, as a sign of gratitude the centre has been named after him for his constant generous support.

During one of his business trips to the UK, Mr Kharafi was looking for a Mosque to perform his Salah, however, at that time there were no such facilities available in the surrounding area. There were only a few Bangladeshi brothers living around here who performed their Salah in a sitting room at one of the Brothers house. Later they managed to perform the Jummah prayer in a church in Frimley. The brothers were also looking for a better place to perform their Salah.

In the meantime, Mr.Kharafi managed to contact this Bengali Welfare Association and proposed the idea of finding a proper place for the Mosque with which he would help out. Finally, with the help of Almighty Allah, the BWA and Mr Kharafi, they managed to buy the infants school on London Road, Camberley (Now known as the Al-Kharafi Islamic Centre or Camberley Mosque). Afterwards, we got the support from the wider Muslim Community which we appreciate greatly and hope for their continued support. Alhamdullillah Al-Kharafi Islamic Centre is one of the most successful projects of the Bengali Welfare Association.

Aims and Objectives of the Organisation:

  • To advance the Islamic faith in accordance with the teaching of the Holy Quran and Hadith, according to the belief of Ahli-sunnat-wal-jamat (being followers of Imam Hanifa, Imam Shafi, Imam Malik and Imam Hambal.
  • To advance the education of Bengali children/adults by the provision of mother tongue classes and English language, Mathematics and Science classes.
  • To provide facilities for recreation / leisure for members of the public in the interest of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of life of the members of the public for whom the facilities are intended.
  • To relieve poverty of people living around the world (of all faiths, creed and colour) where they have been victims of war, or any other natural disasters, by provision of money, medicine, food, clothing and other appropriate means.

Current Projects are:

  • Providing a place of worship and services for the wider Muslim community living in the surrounding area of Camberley, which partially covers Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.
  • Providing Muslim marriage (Nikkah) services.
  • Arabic Learning Centre (Basic) - running Arabic Language classes for adults and children to teach them how to read Quran and pray Salah.
  • Bengali Learning Centre (Basic) - running Bangla classes for the local Bengali people as their second language.
  • Social and Cultural, Sports and Other welfare activities.
  • Collecting donations for worldwide vulnerable people such as war victims or victims of natural disasters. To contribute towards their shelter, medicine, clothes and emergency food etc.
  • Providing help, moral support and counselling services for vulnerable people.
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